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Finding out that you are unexpectedly pregnant can be very worrying. You may feel that you need a solution straightaway. If possible, try to take a few days to collect your thoughts and talk to people. Usually women find out they are pregnant as soon as they miss a period. This makes you very early in the pregnancy. An abortion can take place at any time up to 24 weeks in the pregnancy, so there is no need to rush.

Try to talk to your partner. They may be more supportive than you imagine. If your views are very different, it may be worth asking someone else to be there when you talk about it. You should be aware that your partner cannot make you have an abortion. You should also know that they cannot refuse to let you have an abortion.

Talk to your family. This may seem a frightening idea but most families just want to help if they can. They may be upset or angry at first but this usually changes.

The options are generally:

  • To have an abortion.
  • To continue the pregnancy and keep the baby.
  • To continue the pregnancy and give the baby for adoption after birth.

Abortion services do offer counselling which may be helpful in reaching your decision. Take this option if you are unsure about what to do. You can be referred to the counselling and then choose not to have the abortion. So going to the abortion clinic to have counselling does not mean you have made up your mind to have the abortion.

Taking some time to reach the right decision for you is important. Do not rush into this decision. However, if you decide to have an abortion, the earlier this happens in your pregnancy the better. It is simpler and safer in the very early stages than later on. So if you do decide to have an abortion, do not delay going to your doctor or an abortion clinic.

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