(10 June 2020) 

(Statement prepared by the Occupational Health and Safety academic group within the 
Occupational Health and Safety Workstream – Covid-19 Response) 

With the further relaxation of the lockdown levels in the country, there have been a number of 
procedures that have been proposed to ensure workplace readiness for this change. One such 
measure has been that workplaces need to be “deep cleaned” before employees return to these 
workplaces, as well as for educators/teachers and administrative personnel and scholars returning to 
school or higher education institutions. Similar information has also been reported for 
decontamination of other areas of work in the public and private sector. Additionally, there has been 
confusion about the requirements for disinfection following identification of one or more cases at a 
workplace, with inconsistent practices and use of fogging and fumigation when not appropriate. 
This disinfection procedure is however not a requirement for areas that were unoccupied for more 
than one week. The CDC guideline on cleaning and disinfecting school and community facilities states 

that no cleaning and disinfection is required for areas if the person that was diagnosed with COVID- 
19 did not visit or use the facility for more than 7 days.4 A WHO report that the SARS-CoV-2 virus 

responsible for the development of COVID-19 has been detected on surfaces up to 72 hours under 
experimental conditions. 

It is unclear from this report whether it was viable SARS-CoV-2 viruses or 
genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 that is not regarded as being infectious. It is therefore 
recommended that there is NO need to deep clean or implement any other form of cleaning in areas 
that were unoccupied for more than 7 days. 
Procedures for ‘deep cleaning’ may have emanated from the requirement published in the COVID-19 
Disease: Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines of the Department of Health that stated 
“cleaning the environment is paramount” 

1 and the procedure to deep clean the environment is 
described in the Practical Manual for Implementation of the National Infection Prevention and Control 
(IPC) Strategic Framework. 

2 However, this requirement is primarily for a specific area in the work 
environment that was occupied by a person who was diagnosed with COVID-19 to enable 
reoccupation of the affected area as soon as possible for essential services to resume.3 Deep cleaning 
involves cleaning walls, ventilation shafts and grills and storage areas, floors, windows, ceilings, etc in 
all clinical and non-clinical areas. In area/s where a person was tested positive for COVID-19, an 
incident-based risk assessment approach, as specified in the Department of Employment and Labour’s 
Direction 6 and the Department of Health’s Guideline 7 

, need to be followed. If the individual merely 

‘passed through’ the workplace without touching anything and without spending much time in face- 
to-face communication with other employees, then simple manual surface cleaning measures would 

be appropriate. However, if the individual spent a considerable amount of time in the workplace, 
touched and handled many objects, equipment and surfaces and had close contact with several fellow 
workers, then more comprehensive manual surface cleaning of the environment would be warranted. 

The Department of Health does not endorse or require ‘deep cleaning’ that involves fumigation, 
demisting or fogging. Nor does the Department of Health require such a ‘certificate of cleaning’. 

1. COVID-19 Disease: Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines (Ver 1) of April 2020. 


2. National Department of Health. National Practical Manual for the Implementation of the 
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